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Online Marketing Consulting, Development, and Management

A2A offers online marketing consulting, development, and management services that sell products and services through reaching the right people with the right content.

What We Can Do For You

Online Marketing Consulting

Online Marketing Consulting

Doing online marketing right requires a strategy based on data and knowledge about yourself, your competitors, your industry, and online marketing.
We can analyze your existing online marketing presence, research those of your competitors and industry, recommend improvements, and create online marketing campaigns.
We can help you develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for all of your online marketing activities.
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Why A2A Marketing?

New technology in online marketing, shipping, and payments enables even very large companies to profitably market to very small groups of consumers, and even very small companies to profitably market to very large groups of consumers. This is a tremendous opportunity for companies of all sizes as it opens a world of potential customers, but also a threat as competition can come from anywhere when consumers do their shopping online.
Lines between businesses and consumers have blurred as consumers buy in bulk, trade, and even sell their own products and services. Businesses, meanwhile, source the same way consumers do: by searching online and picking the best deal. Because of this the traditional models of Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) Marketing are being replaced by what we call Anyone to Anyone (A2A) Marketing where geography, borders, and size matter less, and online marketing matters more.
Business success in today’s global environment requires expanding beyond your home market. Our online marketing expertise, development and management services, and import/export knowledge make us the perfect partner to help your business thrive.

Consulting Services


Develop and implement online marketing strategies based on your capabilities, goals, internal and external data, best practices, and knowledge.


Discover and use relevant data about markets, customers, technology, tools, competitors, industries, and capabilities.


Collect, analyze, and recommend decisions based on relevant external data already available, and internal data that can be generated.


Create online marketing campaigns that use the right channels to reach the right people with the right content at the right time.

Development Services


Build fast, reliable websites that work across devices and screen sizes, and offer professional functions and design.


Make all your products and services available for sale where people expect them to be, with payment and shipping options that convince them to buy.

Social Media

Do Facebook right and pick the right other social media platforms based on your resources, capabilities, customers, and goals.


Help people find what you want them to find with search optimized websites, online content, social media, and search ads.

Management Services


Creating, sharing, and curating content relevant to the products and services you offer for sale is the core of all online marketing.

Social Media

Doing social media right means sharing content; monitoring and engaging with users; and responding to relevant content by others.

Online Ads

There is no sharper tool in the toolbox than online ads targeting people based on their searches, website activity, and interests.

Data Analysis

Analyzing website, e-commerce, social media, and advertising data enables you to make decisions based on facts.

International Services


Find, research, and enter the best international markets for your products and services.


Develop the capability to market, sell, ship, and receive payments across international borders.


Actively market your products and services to the most likely customers in new markets.


American Export Assistance and American Import Assistance can export and import for you.


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